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Chicken Satay

This may not be authentic but few things disappear so fast


You will need

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Coca-Cola ham

Once you’ve tried this you will do it again, and again


You will need

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Pulled Pork – start of the journey to perfection

I’ve amended this recipie from one I’ve used for several years, a bit more Asian influenced and gives a great sweetness to the moist and delicious meat


Be prepared for mistakes, but as long as you do it low and slow it’s hard to totally screw up

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Lamb Hot Pot

A couple of years ago I fell in love with the hairy bikers hot pot, things got really serious when I cooked it using  Gordon Ramsey’s lamb stock.


you will need

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The dog

After the sausage photograph on Instagram a couple of people asked to see more of him


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My life will never be the same again

Got home at 5pm having been away since Sunday. The fire in the kitchen was hot and the unsmiling one and I had a glass of  wine, and the meal was something else…….


See how I did it

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Mongolian crispy lamb

 This takes a while, but not much effort and it’s so feck’n gorgeous


Here’s how I do it

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Egg and bacon sandwich

Well worth getting out of bed for


my rules

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Omelette and passion

Love how much smoked bacon flavour I can get into this


Foodgasm hot or cold,  with a chilled white wine

how I do it

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